Analytics Reporting & Scorecard Software

Mitchell Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Leverage claims and repair data to increase customer satisfaction, improve growth and maximize returns. We simplify the entire data aggregation process to offer insurance carriers, independent repair facilities and Multi-Shop Operators (MSO) actionable insights that provide a clear path to achieving their business objectives.

Reduce Costs & Mitigate Redundancies With Our Insurance & Shop Performance Analytics


miScore has all the features you need to monitor the performance of your repair facilities, staff, independent appraisers and more! With an easy set-up process and an intuitive visual output, it brings simplicity to operational reporting. Integrated with Mitchell WorkCenter and Mitchell Connect, miScore provides:

  • Insight into Key Performance Indicator (KPI) trends, along with team and individual performance breakdowns
  • Access to the claims impacting results so that you can identify outliers using the claim-level drill down
  • Anonymized peer performance data to maintain a competitive culture


miTrends is a self-serve analytics platform designed for everyday use by business leaders. Using the smart, simple interface, insurance industry professionals can select metrics from a library of KPIs to create quick, custom reports. Popular features include the ability to filter data, view trends and compare results between your company and the industry—all while maintaining access to claim-level details.

Visualization Services

Make data actionable and get quantifiable insights into every aspect of the claims cycle. Whether you’re looking for a dashboard on estimating trends or want to track your team’s productivity, Mitchell can create a visual view that brings your data to life. Explore trends and get a deeper understanding of your business so that you can make strategic decisions with confidence. Our visualization portfolio allows you to:

  • Review a wide range of options
  • View an easy-to-use dashboard on estimating trends
  • Track your team’s productivity

Claims Performance Consulting

Specific insights start here. Mitchell offers claims performance consulting to help you analyze your data and identify opportunities for improvement. Our team of consultants offer customized action plans designed to help you exceed competitive KPI targets and more.

  • Identify your specific reporting needs with our out-of-the-box solution.
  • Use Mitchell’s Claims Performance consulting team for analysis, data and greater insight into how you can improve your business.

Synthetic Peer Benchmarking

Get a true apples-to-apples industry comparison with Mitchell’s patent-pending Synthetic Peer technology. Unlike traditional industry comparison tools, our methodology creates a synthetic peer built to match your claims demographic, allowing you to benchmark your performance against the industry.

Data Feeds

Our detailed data feeds give you the flexibility to warehouse and combine Mitchell data with your own, giving your analysts unparalleled access to create one-of-a-kind insights on demand.

Improve Policyholder Satisfaction Throughout the Claims Process

Mitchell WorkCenter Customer Satisfaction

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, carriers need a customer experience strategy that goes beyond simple surveys. Mitchell WorkCenter Customer Satisfaction offers essential tools for crafting an effective, measurable business plan designed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Additionally, web-based reporting tools and customer alerts provide clear pictures of each customer’s claim experience to proactively identify and resolve issues as they arise.